JD’s Choice Meat

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Carlos – Jul 25, 2020

We bought from these guys before (steak only), but this time we decided to purchase steak, seafood and chicken. There were over 160 portions ($450) and the sales person gave us some free stuff. Steaks were really good especially burgers. Seafood package was great: wild caught pink shrimp, tuna, salmon…And the chicken was super tasty (great marinades – sun dried tomato, bourbon, white wine and herbs…). We never had problems before and everything is guaranteed for 1 year (but it will not last that long ), so we will definitely buy again !

Kevin – Jul 25, 2020

I bought a steak and seafood package.It was delicious.I will be buying more.They were professional

Sierra – Jul 25, 2020

Quality meat at a fair price.Ordered steaks and chicken and was not disappointed. I am not sure what the rest of the reviewers are talking about but I had a great experience from the ordering,service and delivery of the meat.Sales rep(don’t recall their name) was great as well.

Candice – Jul 17, 2020

I both from that company 3 times already and I was very pleased…the most was really good and the seafood…they are real company and I didn’t gave any problem…I will definitely buy again

Marie – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 92673

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Phishing

A man knocked at the door and handed me a flyer for quality meat. He talked fast and wanted to show me all the fabulous cuts of meat I would get. He showed me a box full of frozen steaks and a box full of chicken. In the end he kept up with discounts and buy one get one free offers until I said yes paying almost $300 for two large boxes of meat. He took payment on two separate cards and he offered to help put them in my freezer but as soon as the money was taken hurried off. As I started to unload the meat I realized a lot of it looked discolored. I tried to google the company only to find out there is no JD’s Choice Meat. The address listed is a P.O. Box. The number to call is a voice message service but they did call me back. Claiming to be a real company and not a scam, however they had no real proof of that. The guy had just left and I asked for him to come back and for my transaction to be canceled. They said they could not because due to Covid 19 all sales were final. They gave no website and no proof that they were real.



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