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Tracy –

Victim Location 65610

Type of a scam Other

I have worked for Jeremy for only a few short months, in the beginning he would pay. Everything was good, he then asked me to promote a new opportunity for him for gmail ads. He told me that If i got 10 good accounts I would get a $100 bonus with the holidays coming around and being paid before I went ahead and proceeded. I ended up referring 52 people in total. My referrals referred lots as well. I only got paid for four of them, he messaged many of them stating they were approved and never paid them, or promised pay and never followed through. He then told us his son passed away, as a bunch of moms we felt bad so we didn’t bother him until he would tell us lots of payments were coming that day and then more days and weeks would pass without any pay. He has had many complaints. We finally decided we had enough of his back and forth attitude so we asked him when pay would be in the group chat (Ads for Cash) and then he would delete and or block us from there just for simply asking. It gets worse from there! He has changed one of my referrals gmail passwords and locked her out of her account after she asked about pay, and another girl had her whole computer system hacked into and it crashed because of him. He is not good news! He goes by Jeremy Williams and Lives in Fresno California. His alias name he may go by is Johnathan Cauldron. Please stay cautious.



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