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Adam –

Victim Location 78596

Type of a scam Employment

No face to face interview and refused to do so. Wanted W4 Form and my bank information upfront. Employer hiring process was bogus and the background check was based on name only. When I asked for a video chat interview, Laurel Riggs refused and when I questioned the legitimacy of the company, my login account was deleted and I was blocked without any attempt to answer my question or to contact me.

This fake business is posting AD’s on Career Builder website for the position of an Operations Manager. I had contacted the business via Career Builder about the position. I received an email from ARC Recruiting Solutions asking me if I was interested in the Operation Manager position. Since I am looking for employment, I replied that I was interested. Once I made contact with the owner of JCW Imports, I was sent the attached information which appeared to be suspicious. Why would I be cashing checks for this business, don’t they have their own bank account for this? I then researched ARC Recruiting Solutions and found nothing. So I am letting you know that both of these companies are probably fake.

Thank you,

Melanie –

Victim Location 58103

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent an employment offer to work from home for an auto imports company. Everything seemed good so I sent my documents to them. I then was told to fill out more forms and wanted to talk to the person that hired me. They didn’t answer my calls or emails. l, I haven’t heard back from you. I’m getting a little worried since it has been a week. Thank you, ***

*** Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: *** *** Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 1:27 PM To: ***@gmail.com Subject: JCW Auto Imports: Registration Hide quoted text Morning, And sorry for a delay: I just received a message from our security guys, you have successfully passed the background check! Now we can get started with your training and probation. Just take these steps to get registered at our web server: 1. Click at the following link to access our corporate web server: https://jcwmembers.com/door 2. Click at the following link to register at our corporate web server: https://jcwmembers.com/signup 3. Fill out a brief one-page registration form. Don’t forget to create a safe password for your profile! 4. Once you’ve completed registration, use the following link to log in with the username and password that you created: https://jcwmembers.com/door I’ll be supervising you personally during your probation period of the next 3 weeks. I’m waiting for you with a welcome message and your first task! — Best regards, *** *** JCW Auto Imports Phone: (773) 672-3010



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