JCPL Spoof

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Gabriel –

Victim Location 08755

Type of a scam Utility

Person called telling me that they were coming in 45 minutes to turn off the electric because the bill has not been paid.

(We have a credit balance on our actual bill). Told me the reference # is 9691T03 and to call 1-800-460-2405 ext 0.

I hung up and called the number on our actual bill which JCP&L told me it was a scam and everything is fine our bill.

Megan –

Victim Location 07762

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Utility

We were called by someone saying they represented JCP&L and that our account was past due and that if we didn’t pay they were going to shut out power off. They presented the situation in such a way that we were convinced we had to pay immediately or else (we own a small business and could afford not having power). It wasn’t until after we wired the money that we realized we were scammed.



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