JCIT Service International Inc.

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Renee –

Victim Location 82331

Total money lost $1,147.97

Type of a scam Tech Support

I noticed a pop-up at the bottom left of my screen saying that Microsoft detected a possible virus on my computer. Call this number. They scanned my computer, "fixed" some viruses, and said apparently I had been hacked. They sold me a lifetime technical assistance program for $799.99. That was July 18, 2017. Then on Nov. 11, 2017 I was contacted by phone and let them again have access to my computer for scanning and a computer security check. After the scan, they said I needed to install a Computer Security Program for $249.99. They said it was different than Norton Security because it gave protection from all the Internet. January 9, 2018 I got a message on my screen that my security needed to be updated, but I was given the impression that I could do it myself. I called JCIT and after a rather heated discussion I purchased a Security Patch Updater for $99.99. Now supposedly, I was secure and had people I could rely on. There would be no more costs. February 3, 2018 a technician from India called. (He said it was 3am there, but asked it I had lunch yet–2pm here,) He scanned the computer and reported that I needed to buy a Corruption Manager for $119.99 per year. I told him that I already had a Security Patch updater. He then referred me to his supervisor, "Smith". "Smith" said he wasn’t in sales and didn’t want to sell me anything but kept admonishing me that not buying the Corruption Manager wasn’t smart. What wasn’t smart was letting myself be scammed.



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