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Lance –

Victim Location 23664

Type of a scam Employment

I received a phone call the other day from what seemed like a legitimate HR manager that had found my resume on one of the few sites I have posted it to. She asked if it was okay to email me the details of the job she believed I was a good candidate for. I of course said, "yes". The email came and had a job description with a generous, bit not to generous salary listed as well as all of the duties of the position. I emailed her back and said, " looks great. What is the next step?" She then emailed back with a link to a form asking for name, address, references, phone number, and I fo about my education. I filled it out and submitted it. She then confirmed that she had received it and would begin my background check. RED FLAG how is she going to run a check k on me with just that little bit of info? Then I reread the emails closely…there are a decent amount of minor grammatical errors. IS THIS A SCAM?



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