JC lT Service International Inc.

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Joel –

Victim Location 94587

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was working in Internet when a message requested me to call immediately to customer service at a phone number I cannot remember because I have computer problems. I thought the message was from Microsoft and I called. A men told me that my computer was hacked and if I don’t clean it immediately I can have major problems, including I can becam an identity theft. I accepted their service and I let him remotely access my computer. Hi worked about one hour and he transferred me to his supervisor for payments. They said that they installed an antivirus and cleaned my computer. I become suspicious because the technician and the supervisor had the same voice and the same Indian accent. I had to pay $600for their service. Then the supervisor told me that their company is JC IT International Servive, the address and the company’s email. I become more suspicious when the supervisor told me that they accept only American Express and personal checks for payments. I paid with a personal check they took a picture via computer. Then they exit from my computer. I immediately check the Internet and found out that I was the victim of a computer scam. I cancelled my bank account and debit card Next day a men speaking perfect English called my for the money.

I told him that they did a scam on me and I don’t pay. He ha ged up. Next day they started harassing me, they deleted my emails including their invoice, starting to listen my phones. They collected our sensitive data like ss#, driver Lisencies, etc to me and my family when I called Life Lock to make memberships for my husband, son and myself. After that I found out they were listening to my cell and home phones.

I cleaned my computers three times, I changed the cells and phone numbers but always they get back. Since last July 17/17 until now our lives is a nitghmere.I found recently a company that offer a device to protect us and as soon I send them an email, the hackers deleted the article that presented that company and their product. I asked for help the Police and losers but they told me that they cannot help me. I don’t know how to escape from their harrasement. Lately they sent me a message on my TV screen saying that “you’re all fought up”. I think my situation is so different and the Police don’t believe me.



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