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Nicole –

Victim Location 78349

Type of a scam Tech Support

My wife was searching for a recipe on an H.E.B website when a pop up message showed to download the site. She declined the message suddenly she received a message the computer had been locked up and to not turn or disconnect the computer because it had viruses and was vulnerable to hackers, to call 1-888-461-2668. She panicked and called spoke with Ms. Nancy Brooks, foreign accent,who identified as a Microsoft support service-representative ID#638475646 and she could unlock computer and began navigating the computer screen with a description of services needed to unlock the computer such as remove viruses, hackers as well as clean up software. My wife called me and I spoke with Ms. Brooks who informed me of services to be provided with a one time fix service charge of $199.99. Ms. Brooks informed me that I could not use a credit card because it was difficult to confirm payment instead to use a bank account since the bank would call me to confirm payment I agreed because I needed my computer unlocked. Then Ms. Brooks informed me she was referring me to a technician. Technician Kim, foreign accent, stated the services would be to unlock computer, remove IP addresses, all foreign addresses/block hackers, repair errors, software, remove warnings and clean up which would take 30-45 minutes. Also for an additional fee he recommended a child’s protection plan for 5 years security for $400.00 in addition to 1 time fix $199.99. I had to sign an on line agreement bank information because they would not take a credit card. After I read the customer reviews that they had been scammed I called my bank to notified them I had been scammed and took action with my accounts. I received a phone call from Attorney Robert Wyatt regarding a letter he received from a client that I did not respond to a letter mailed to me and I needed to call him to settle the account. I want this type of individuals scamming people by locking computers for profit to be convicted for fraud. I tried to send this report on my computer and it would not allow me to send it. It would erase the information an I have to use someone else computer I am still hacked.



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