Jc Floors Beyond LLC

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Raul –

Victim Location 33411

Total money lost $6,855

Type of a scam Home Improvement

This guy Carlos came and gave me a quote about work that needed to be done in my home and told me it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the job. I gave him a deposit of $3428, he started the job just fine and came with his worker everyday in the first week or so. he called me a couple a days later stating the check i gave him couldn’t cash because of issues he had with his bank so i told him to void the check and ill give him a money order, i went to the bank immediately and gave him a money order for $3428, 2 days later i notice that the check i was told that void was cashed out so i called him and informed him about the situation, he re insure me he will give me back the money but every time i see him he keep saying the next day. two weeks in the job he started giving me different excuses and don’t shown up at all to my house or he send hes workers who doesn’t speak English. its been 2 months hes still not done with my house and have my whole money and keep lying to me regarding coming to my house which i lose time out my job to wait on him but he never shown up. at this point i was just want my money back and move on



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