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Felicia –

Victim Location 29301

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My grandmother received a call from the phone number I listed in the information above. They asked if I lived with my grandmother. She told them that I used to live there, but I had moved. They claimed to be UPS and they needed to speak to me urgently about a package. They left a phone number and a file number. After I spoke to my grandmother, I called the number, and the lady answered with "JBS Consulting" and asked for the file number. I provided her with the number. When I asked what this was in regards to, the lady quickly stated that would be answered by another department and put me hold as she transferred me. When another "agent" came on the line, she claimed to be a civil service and stated that I was being served with a civil suit from a debt that I owed to the hospital in my hometown. I stopped her immediately and told her that she was a scam artist because 1. I don’t go to the hopsital, so I couldn’t possibly owe a bill 2. A couple of years ago, I was contacted in the same manner by another scam agency claiming the same debt she was trying to say that I owed. I told the lady not to contact me again. Her parting words to me were "see you in court."



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