JB Software and Consulting Impostor

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Samuel –

Victim Location 40165

Type of a scam Phishing

After receiving an email from Richard Thompson from the company listed above. I received an email from this Richard person. This person had an accent (Indian accent). This person began explaining a potential job offer for Humana. I didn’t think it was too strange because I have my resume posted at several job sites (Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc). He began asking me if I was interested in a possible Project Management contract position. I told him that I was possibly interested. He then began asking for confirmation information. He asked for my address. I mentioned that it was the same as what was listed on my resume. He then asked for my birthdate minus the year. I told him that. Then he asked me for the last 4 digits of my social security number. That is when I begin to be suspicious, but had already provided my birthdate. I told him that I would not provide that over the phone. Then he tried to get me to confirm it via email. I denied to give him that information. He then asked me what my hourly rate was on my W2’s. I told him a range 75k-85k. He then came back and asked me what the hourly rate was showing on my W2’s again. I told him I was salary and the range was between 75k-85k. I told him that I was having trouble hearing him and asked him to call me on my home phone. Before I could provide the number, he mentioned that he was going to send me another email confirming my hourly rate. We hang up and he sent the follow up email. I did not respond to the email. He then called me back asking me to confirm via response to his email. After that I declined the position. He continued to ask me to respond to his email with confirmation of salary and that I declined his email. I told him again I wasn’t interested and hung the phone up.



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