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Carly –

Victim Location 70123

Type of a scam Other

While my phone was forwarded to another employee a call came in asking for me by name stating that 8 toner cartridges (2 per color) were ordered and a partial order was delivered to our office for the Canon printers for $298.80 per cartridge and the 2nd part of the order was stopped because their prices went up to $371.50 per cartridge and he would offer the original price of $298.80 per cartridge for a total of $2,390.40 if it was paid that same day. She asked for his name and number, but he said he was in the warehouse away from the phone and would call back later. My co-worker called me right away asking about this order, which I informed her that we were under contract maintenance agreements for all of our printers that includes supplies and there is no additional costs for toner cartridges. He called back 16 times, 12 of those times in one day, from the same number and other unknown numbers including going once through our receptionist, which my co-worker did not answer any of them because of the harassment. The day I returned to work and I received a phone call from this number stating his name was Jason and he asked for my co-worker by her name and when I said I wasn’t her, he asked if it was me by my name. I said yes and proceeded to ask him for the details which he gave me the prices and they match the amounts given to my co-worker. I asked for his company’s name without a response. I informed him that all of our printers were under maintenance contracts and the phone call ended abruptly. I then called back this number repeatedly and received a busy tone. I called a little later that morning and a male answered the call which I asked if it was Jason, he hesitantly replied yes. I said I thought our call earlier ended by mistake and I was calling him back. I asked for his company’s name which he gave me JB Enterprises, which I subsequently looked up after getting off the phone with him, and none listed had anything to do with office supplies. I informed him again that our printers were under maintenance contracts. He then admitted he called by mistake and that is why he ended the earlier call. The noise in the background on his end sounded like a call center. On your site (BBB) I read a comment that had the same experience and she stated it was a scammer.



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