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Amy –

Victim Location 85749

Type of a scam Other

I "purchased" a dachshund from a breeder and was contacted by this shipping company. They had the wrong address but later got the correct one, so I know the breeder and shipper are working together on this scam. The shipping company stated a special crate was needed and the cost was $1100-1300 dollars but it was a refundable rental fee. It was all stated in an email which I received. When a guy from the shipping company called, I said since it’s refundable, why charge it at all. He said I was cruel and threatened to report me for cruelty to animals. I asked for a supervisor, he stated they would have to call me back. I haven’t heard from them since.

I did however do a search and found someone else who was scammed by this same company when they bought a mastiff puppy.

There is a picture on the breeders site (foreverhomedachshund.com) which shows a mastiff puppy in the testimonials. So clearly this has been going on for awhile.



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