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Courtney – Jun 07, 2020

Victim Location 92571

Total money lost $270

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My best friend and true companion of 12 years, Bailey, died at age 15, 3 weeks ago. I have grieved ever more since his death and I do not believe I will ever be right. I attempted to move forward with my emotional distress by getting a new schnauzer. I stumbled upon Jay Mini Schnauzers website and found a dog that looked like my Bailey. Immediately I was smitten. But apparently I was talking via email to 2 different con-artists using the [email protected] address. I was given 2 different cashapp handles in which to make my installments: Serah West and Slime Morgans and I will be filing additional complaints to get these people shut down. I was provided a video for the dog I was interested in and my heart melted even more. Finally, or so I thought, I can begin to end my grief by starting a new journey with a new fur baby. I then saw another dog, which I wanted to get as a companion. For some reason "jayson" kept ignoring my emails when I asked for a video for the 2nd dog. I thought maybe I wasn’t being clear in my emails but nope "he" was clearly ignoring me. I use quotations because I do not know if this person is a man or a woman or if I am talking to a string of criminals going by the guise of "jayson." Suddenly I got the overwhelming feeling that he doesn’t have the 2nd dog and probably not even the first dog. I then felt like maybe I played the fool and was getting scammed. I then googled ‘Jay Mini Schnauzers reviews’ and of course the first results come back as "pet scams" with Jay Mini Schnauzers. My heart was re-shattered as I poured through the oodles of people that described their experience with Jay Mini Schnauzers. It was the same experience I had-exact to be exact. I cannot believe I fell for this and I will be getting my money back through my bank. I even provided these crooks with my name, phone number and address so "he" could put together a contract for me to purchase the two dogs. What else are they planning to do with my information? Do I need to be sleeping with 1 eye open now? I want these people shut down and locked up. There is too much corruption and it is time for justice.



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