Jaylishia Jennings

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Joshua –

Victim Location 92612

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching for Samoyed Breeders and came across this person’s website. It looks legit, but I was suspicious from the get go because they were selling the "perfect" puppy for "just" $1200 and as soon as you pay they would ship the puppy for free within 48hours! They even have a live chat and supposed pictures from people who bought puppies from them. In the live chat they asked me questions pretending to care for their dogs. What really got me was when I asked whether Samoyeds shed a lot. I’ve been in contact with several breeders and have done a lot of research and I knew for a fact that Samoyeds shed A TON! When I asked the online person if they shed, they said "NO". This got me. The person then sent me an email with her wells fargo bank information, asked me to deposit the money right away so they can ship the puppy within 48 hours. Also got me suspicious. I then googled her name and email and it showed me the email is a scam and she has a linked in profile that shows her as a realtor. I never ended up depositing the money or doing further business with her. I know a scam when I see one…just beware!



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