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Andre –

Victim Location 34684

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called what I thought was a Metro PCS phone number that I got off the internet. I told them about a problem with my cell phone and computer because I could not receive a SMS code from Uber. Uber told me to call my cell phone carrier. I think I called 866-792-8222. That is what is shown on my phone bill for January 13. I told them my problem and they said my computer had been hacked by someone in Mexico. I was transferred to an engineer named Austin Martin who took remote control of my computer and said he would eliminate 23 hackers he found on my computer. He was on my computer for several hours. I was told I had to buy protection for all my wireless devices in my home. I did that. Then he sold me McAfee anti virus. He asked for a cashier’s check in the amount of $1,160 and wanted the tracking number of the USPS. I opened up McAfee and it turned out it was NOT McAfee. I got suspicious. I went to the local Metro PCS store and they said they never heard of Jayaraj Media. I also called the Metro PCS corporate office and they never heard of Jayaraj Media either. I contacted my local sheriff where I live in Florida, the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, and my local computer technician. They all said I was scammed by someone in India. My computer technician eliminated 2 programs that would have allowed the scammer to get back into my computer. He also eliminated a Trojan and 4 viruses. I also contacted T-Mobile which owns Metro PCS. A fraud investigator took over the case because his job was to eliminate any false phone numbers for Metro PCS that are on the internet. He called the 866-792-8222 and now he was connected with a company called Netsnare. He told them the same story I told Jayaraj an he was told his computer had been hacked by someone in Mexico (as I had been told). They then transferred him to an engineer to fix the problem. At that point, he hung up. The local sheriff and the detective at the Queens District Attorney’s office say this is a scammer and there is nothing they can do. I took preventive steps. I am still receiving phone calls and emails from Austin Martin of Jayaraj asking where is the cashier’s check. I also received an email from the billing department at another location (Andy Smith (Billing Team) JAYARAJ MEDIA INC

Address: 23734 FAIRBURY AVE FL 2ND BELLEROSE NY 11426-1140, USA

Email : [email protected]

Phone: 1-866-817-6111

Austin Martin keeps calling me to find out if I mailed the cashier’s check for $1,160. I don’t answer the phone. He also got my cell phone number from someplace and calls that too. He also found my gmail account and I get email from them to both my AOL and GMAIL accounts.

I have blocked the phone numbers.

When the investigator from Metro PCS called the 866-792-8222, he got a company called Netsnare. But they had the same modus operandi as Jayaraj Media.

I cannot find out if either of these companies are legitimate. Can you tell me if they are? My local sheriff and the Queens County district attorney don’t know. The detective from the district attorney’s office rode past the Glen Oaks address and found a Mc Mansion there. He said the owner may rent out the driveway and mailbox to the scammer who cashes the cashiers check, takes a fee, and sends the cash to India.



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