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Evan – Aug 29, 2020


Ian – Aug 29, 2020

Migosss! It’s ya boy Quavo stopped by to say middle fingers to all the Jay Terriani haters. Jay is a stand up dude he’s a great person who has helped make hundreds of artist millions of dollars! Y’all may know me from the Migos I go by Quavo! Jay Terriani is like a big brother to me and the rest of the group we have nothing but love and gratitude towards him! Jay took us out the bandos and put us in mansions over the past 6 years without him we wouldn’t be here and that’s a big fact 💰💰 so if any haters are saying anything negative about my boy don’t pay them any attention straight up they just made just ain’t gone let nobody leach off of him! If jay say he gone do it he gone do it! He also post most of me and the Migos videos on WorldStarHipHop he owns half of that as well! So thank jay if he decides to help you! Don’t pay the haters no mind

Jeffery – Nov 04, 2020


Hector – Aug 29, 2020

Lil Baby CHECKIN IN, whoever saying stupid [censored] about my boy @IamJayTerriani they hating that Jay is almost a billionaire! He’s official in every aspect! Like coach k said it wouldn’t be QC or me with Jay so if he wants to work with you, yo [censored] is lucky! And better take advantage! Jay doesn’t have to help anyone he chooses to because he’s has the power to! Anybody who said something bad about my man Jay most likely mad because he didn’t let them use him! He will help you by investing millions into you but he ain’t gone let you use him meaning if you can’t help yo self he ain’t gone do [censored] for you! Jay is the top dawg at QC, worldstar and many other companies he don’t have time to play around! He’s a legend!

Jonathon – Aug 29, 2020

My name is Kevin Lee, most of the world knows me as Coach K im the CEO and founder of Quality Control Music Also Known As QC! Home of artist Cardi B, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, City Girls And Many More. Jay Terriani was the first person to Invest Into QC back in 2010 Before the world knew what QC was and I’m forever grateful, he invested over 3 million dollars cash and now owns 25% of QC which is a large portion of my company but Jay deserves it because there wouldn’t be a QC with Jay which means there wouldn’t be any QC artist such as Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, City Girls, Migos Or Cardi B so Don’t pay any attention to the rumors that jay isn’t legit cause he is very legit! I follow him on Instagram from my official page Which is “@Coachk44”!” And Jay official page is “@iamjayterriani” I wouldn’t follow Jay on Instagram if he wasn’t legit and didn’t own 25% of my company QC. So don’t listen to the haters jay net worth is over 700 million dollars so he always help upcoming artist by investing into them so be grateful he inboxed you to help you out!

Tyler – Aug 29, 2020

Hey guys i go by the name of Lil Yachty I wouldn’t normally comment on things like this but Jay Terriani is my brother and he is part owner of my record label quality control music and without jay I don’t know where i would be because he is the first person to invest millions into me and he didn’t even know me, he heard my song Minnesota and contacted me on Instagram and decided to invest into me and I’m forever grateful that he did! People may say negative things about him that’s only because he makes everybody he helps invest into them self’s which is very understanding. People always want people to do things for them but they don’t want to do things for themselves! They always wanna use Jay for his millions and jay doesn’t like that so now he only helps the people who help themselves but if wants to work with you be happy thankful and watch him change your life for the greater! Love you jay and thanks for everything 💛💛💛 #qc

Jeremiah – Aug 29, 2020

Jay Terriani is a great person who has helped me a lot and my team. I go by the name of Tory lanez alot of you guys may know me from music but I tell you this without Jay I wouldn’t be at the level I’m at now! Jay really helped me get out of the hood and invested millions into my company now look at me just know when your successful like Jay people will always say something negative to distract you but at the end of the day if you only see a couple people saying negative things about jay and see thousands of people saying good things about jay then realize that if more people are saying good things then he’s more than likely a good person and not a negative person! I appreciate all Jay has done for me! He’s amazing and if he hits you up deciding to work with you than take it the chance and watch him make you a multi millionaire! Just help yourself and he’ll help you as well

Dominic – Aug 29, 2020

Jay is a great person who helps so many people! Don’t let these haters who are upset that jay didn’t help them ruin him from helping you! These people who are saying negative things about jay are very upset that jay didn’t work with them because they wanted jay to pay for everything because he’s a millionaire and they didn’t want to do any work themselves! Jay is part owner of Quality Control Music and many more big corporations Such as WorldStarHipHop, Voss and etc! If jay hits you up please be grateful and understand he doesn’t have to help you! Thank god and accept the opportunity

Joe – Aug 20, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1(463) 212-2962

Scammer’s website @IAMJAYTERRIANI

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Investment

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Jay terriani is a genuis scammer on the loose be aware of his genius scams he contacts people on his instagram page @iamjayterriani he told me he would ‘invest” for music but said I would have to give him money he tried to take $2,000 from me without a care! He lies about his ownership of companies such as ‘worldstarhiphop”, “quality control music” and etc. Do not trust this man

Geoffrey – Aug 11, 2020

I love jay he’s like family and I haven’t even met him yet but he still has helped me and so many others make millions to take care of our family! He’s really owner of voss water, quality control music and world star. I asked coach k, p diddy and others about him and they all said he’s exactly what he says he is! I Love Him more than myself 💜💛🖤

Nathan – Aug 11, 2020

The people who are saying bad things about jay which it’s only 1 persons can in the whole world I ever heard say anything bad about him and that’s because he was upset that jay didn’t pay for everything! Just because jay is a millionaire doesn’t mean he should have to take care of grown men. Jay offers to help people who try to help themselves as well. I only had a few hundred when jay contacted me but I invested it with jay and jay put over 100k with it and now I’m doing better than I ever thought I’ll be doing! Jay has changed my life and so many others people lives forever jay is a God fearing man who has a big heart and just loves helping people! So be grateful and thank God if jay decides to work with you

Michele – Aug 10, 2020

jay Terriani is a multi millionaire from Indiana who owns parts of Quality control music, universal music group, Voss water and a lot more powerful businesses. He’s very low profile cause he doesn’t like the fame but he still helps others a lot and he’s very hands on which I like about him so if he messages you or anyone you know from his Instagram @IamJayTerriani thank God that he did and be prepared to be blessed 💜❤️

Thomas – Aug 10, 2020

Jay terriani contacted me on Instagram and was willing to work with me after hearing my music and at first I was scared lol but once I talked to him and a few people who I know in the music business such as Jay Z, Coach K and a few others they said he’s one of the most powerful people in the game and is very helpful to others. His net worth is Over 800 million dollars says Forbes and he’s has given over 100 million away helping people! And I was lucky enough to be one of those people! Jay has always done what he said he will do and has helped me change my life forever so don’t believe the haters who wanted to use him for his riches and since he didn’t let them use him they make up bad stories about him like they do to everyone else who’s successful! So if jay contacts you be grateful and happy he did cause it’s a blessing and do as he say and trust him and will never mislead you.

Dana – Aug 10, 2020

Jay is an amAzing Man I love him he has helped us a lot he just wanted us to help ourselves as well and once we did he showed us a lot and invested millions into us and I appreciate that for life! Only people who wants him to do all the work are the ones who are lying on him smh people or selfish but not Jay he’s a great Man!

Alexander – Aug 07, 2020

I worked with Jay Terriani over 5 years and me and him never had any problems. He helped make my family and I Millions. If he was such a bad guy, it would be thousands of people saying this not just 2 people who are upset that jay doesn’t take care of grown man. Jay will probably never see this or if he has he doesn’t care since it’s not true. He’s worth 600milliom it says it on the Forbes link on his Instagram page why would he still a few hundred you guys are pathetic and want to sue him to get big money when he only wanted to help you. Trust me you guys this is all not true people just hate when things don’t go they way. He’s a billionaire basically why would he waste his time stealing a few hundred even few thousands smh you guys just didn’t want to pay him probably and wanted to use him since he’s wealthy like your doing now trying to get a lawsuit for money making up lies

Jeremy –

Victim Location 91423

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Other

Someone named Jay Terriani contacted my husband on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/iamjayterriani/) . He claims to be the owner of VOSS. He told my husband that he loved his music and that he wanted to work with him. He said that he wanted them to work on a song and that he would invest $1500 and that his management team at RCA would invest $500 and all he needed from my husband was $350 so that they could promote the music that they would make together. My husband explained that at the moment he could not afford that but that when he was ready he would let him know.

Time goes by and we now have some money to invest. He contacts Jay Terriani and Jay asks for the money immediately. He tells my husband that he will take him on tour in Europe if the song does well and that the songs would be made right away and get promoted in the next week or so. I advise against this but my husband trusts this man and sends him the money via Money Gram under the name of Christopher Reed. A week later they touch base and Jay Terriani asks for more money. He says he just needs $400 more and that the song and promoting would be done by May. At this point I am outraged and tell my husband there is absolutely no way. He does not want to move forward with anything unless we send him more money. I called the VOSS corporation and they tell me that this man has been scamming a lot of people and that they don’t know what to do about him. They can’t make him stop claiming VOSS and saying he is the CEO of the company. They get calls and complaints all of the time from young hopefuls at a shot at stardom or promoting. He uses artists like Drake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kid Ink and Brison Tiler to lure musicians and pretend that he will get their music heard when all of it is a lie!! He just keeps the money and keeps asking for more. He claims to be a millionaire when he might have a lot of money from selling drugs (from what it looks like, he calls himself a trap [censored]). His scam is: "I have millions of dollars, i just need you to show me you’re down and put some cash in on the promotion part because I am not just going to do that for you. I will help with more than $2k but you need to put something in" He lures people in more by saying " I will be going on tour soon and if all goes well with the song we make than you can make money once we start performing." I know that he has done this to tons of ppl because after realizing he was a fake we checked his comments and lots of people are complaining about him not returning messages or phone calls. Someone needs to put an end to this CON ARTIST. He must pay or not be able to get away with it anymore!

Thank you for your help.

Allison –

Victim Location 91423

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Other

My husband was contacted a year ago about collaborating with a music artist. The artist said he needed him to put up money and that he would also invest in promoting a song that they would make together. My husband told him he was going to save up some money and he recently contacted him.

This is his Instagram page where he reached out to my husband. https://www.instagram.com/iamjayterriani/


Phone: +1 (463) 212-2962

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