Jay Mini Schnauzers Puppies

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Jason – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 45458

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We found what we thought was a dog breeder website. We filled out the questionnaire on a puppy. They emailed us and told us that the puppy was available. They tell us that we needed to put $150 electronically to hold the puppy. I told them that we could come over the next day to see the dog. They emailed me back and said they were booked until the end of the week. They said that I would need to send the deposit if I was really interested in the dog to hold the puppy. I thought this was different and I did some research on them. I found out with Per Scams that this was not a Breeder and it was a scam for money. I am so glad I found this out before I sent that $150 deposit. I was real close in sending it because I did not want them to sell the dog. These people need to be shut down. I am not happy that I almost got scammed on something that I thought was real.



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