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Hannah – May 19, 2020

My fiance’ and I had recently lost both our mini Dachshunds and were viewing Dachshund puppies advertised as available on the Jay Mini Dachshund website and reading their “so called” testimonials of satisfied customers. We fell in love with a puppy named “Tia” and so we inquired of her availability. They responded within the hour and indicated she was still available. We were told she was $655 and would be shipped from North Carolina to the closest major airport which for us would have been Dayton, Oh. It was said to be an additional for her to be delivered to our front door and the delivery date was to be Wednesday, May 20th. We were given instructions to send the money to an email address via Paypal or Zelle and we chose Zelle. We arranged for the $730 to be sent via Zelle and we took a screen shot as instructed and emailed to them and then we were told we would be emailed a copy of the travel plans and delivery instructions at the first of the week. Over the weekend I became suspicious because I had requested additional photos and videos but there was no response. I arrived back home late last evening from a trip and began to research and found the website had been removed and I found numerous complaints. I have filed a report with my bank and I am contacting my local authorities to see if there is anything that can be done. Hopefully they can find the individual(s) who are responsible for this scam! Please avoid!

Carlos – May 12, 2020

DO NOT BUY A DOG OR ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS WEBSITE! It is a scam! I emailed in regards to purchasing a puppy through this website, he sent me a video and a picture of the same puppy found on the website and managed to convince me that it was real. I Zelle’d him $655 and emailed him asking for the flight information and the papers to be transferred and I did not get a response. I then emailed him saying that I would like a refund, and requested my money back on Zelle. He continuously declined it, so therefore I contacted my bank and the town that he was using’s police station and the Chief could not find anyone in the area with the IP address or the phone number, and he told me it could be someone from a different country! DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT I DID! It’s a long process to get my money back!

Laura – May 12, 2020

Same here but didn’t fall for jay daschund scam but advice, go to your DA or call FBI, money exchanged from state to state, that’s a federal crime. Let’s get this guy put in prison.

Joel – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 94403

Total money lost $1,155

Type of a scam Online Purchase

online search lead to jaydachshund.com. emails were initially exchanged and a sales agreement provided by seller. after agreement signed and $1155 sent to seller through zelle and paypal, all communication ceased by seller.

Todd – May 07, 2020

HORRIBLE DO NOT TRUST THEM THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I am so glad for the people who reported them because I would have purchased a puppy thank you.I fell in love with the dog named max but sadly I will never get to be his owner😭😢 I don’t know why people would do this.i think it’s just not right reply if you agree. I can’t believe how legit the website looked. I got an email saying I’m so glad you are interested in Max and like how he is $655 and shortly I got another email asking if I got the first email.First of all the grammar was horrible and they did not have any information. Again thank you for the people who wrote a report it saved me a lot of money.

Jonathan – May 07, 2020

Adding to my first complaint, be cautious if the email you receive sounds scripted or too impersonal. I already have two dogs that I bought from breeders and they don’t send scripted emails. Ask specific questions about the puppy. And I just learned this today when doing research, but don’t trust breeders that are selling puppies for half off. That’s a red flag.

Raul – May 07, 2020

Thank you for this information. I almost got scammed too. My 16 year old recognized the signs before I did. He thought that the site didn’t look legitimate. Maybe we should let our tech savvy teens check out the sites before making decisions:). I first looked at “Delightfuldachshunds.com” and I told them that the process sounded like a scam. Soon after that, I received an email from another company that I that I had looked at for a dachshund. How convenient was that and it happened to be “Jayminidachshund.com”. Right away I new something was up, so I did some research online and I found this site! Thanks everyone ! And beware of DELIGHTFULDACHSHUNDS.com

Jose – May 01, 2020

On Wednesday April 29, I reached out to Jay Mini Dachshund. I’m an extremely trusting person, they were quick to respond and went to great lengths and detail, I REALLY believed it was legit, my husband was weary of it and not so trusting. I paid via PayPal over $750 including a “delivery” fee to our home, they had our personal info and home address. All seemed legit and I couldn’t let myself believe it was a scam, after I paid I ordered everything we needed for the puppy, I asked the person about food they said don’t worry about food we will send a weeks work and a Schumer with your puppy, I was told Wednesday evening that Thursday (the next day) should work to fly him to us, they are in NC we are in FL, I heard nothing so at 1 p.m Thursday I messaged when can we expect the puppy today , that was a text and heard nothing back until 5 p.m. through email that it would be Friday the following day. In the contract it says they when send you flight number , tracking number and times etc. I never received any of that info still by 11 a.m the next day, I texted again, nothing for an hour, then another number still NC number but different calls, a Spanish man called to say they have my puppy they are from the shipping company, they are having “trouble” shipping my puppy, I assumed he was about to ask for more money which I had heard was a scam, instantly called him out and he had no excuses, he threatened he has all my information and that If he didn’t hear from me in 24 hrs they will take the puppy to a shelter and and I will be charged for it! I told him I’m calling the police and hung up! My children and I fell in love with this puppy that we will never receive and my family is out over $700, I’m disgusted at how real it all seemed and the lengths they went through! I plan on calling the police and I have reached out to our local news for investigation, it’s not so much about the money but people doing this and taking advantage it’s disgusting and I’m so sick by it! Please avoid them at all cost! I’m doing everything I can to get justice for everyone!

Rachael – Apr 30, 2020

Reached out in regards to a mini. Price was originally 655. Next email the price went to 500 plus 75 for home delivery. Fist email the grammar was ridiculous. They then sent me a pic and one vid. Upon asking for additional pics and vids they told me to buy local. I knew something was suspicious.

Carolyn – Apr 30, 2020

Very glad to follow my gut. I am in beginning stages of puppy purchase from them. Concerned when video they sent me seemed suspicious so decided to check reviews. This is the first site I found.

Miranda – Apr 28, 2020

Same as above. Sent $655 via Paypal. Once received, Jay dropped off the face of the earth. No response to email, text or phone calls… No puppy. I hope Paypal or Chase Bank will refund me. What a jerk.

Melanie – Apr 23, 2020

Scam alert –
“Jays” Cell phone- 984-444-4523

Stole $756 via PayPal
Promised dog. Stalked for 48 hours. Turned us over to “shipping” company who was asking we pay an additional $900 for a special crate to ensure the puppy’s safety. It was a rental fee that would supposedly get refunded once the dog was delivered. We google the phone number to the shipping company and saw it was reported as being a fraudulent business. We did call them back.
Opened a dispute with the CC company we used to fund PayPal . We will get reimbursed just hoping these [censored] don’t get to keep there money.

Andres – May 01, 2020

We just got scammed by them, we used PayPal “friends and family” like they asked, did you? I just posted our story on here as well and reported them to our local news! I want them busted I’m so disgusted! We’re you able to get your money back? I’m trying to figure it out

Devon – Apr 23, 2020

***BUYER BEWARE*** – On 4/22/20, I sent an e-mail (Jay Mini Dachshund) asking them to call me about a dog on their website; however, all I received was an e-mail response. After (2) separate e-mails asking them to contact me via telephone, all I received was another e-mail reply. Since I could not get a response to my request for a callback, I contacted the number listed at the bottom of the e-mail, only to receive a generic voicemail message stating please leave a message after the tone, which I thought was very ODD for a business. I then decided to do some research on Google to see if there were any Reviews for Jay’s Mini Dachshund and found (2) on this site (Scam Pulse). After I read the (2) bad Reviews for them on Scam Pulse, I sent another e-mail advising them that I read the Reviews from 4/18/20 & 4/21/20, and had some questions & concerns regarding these reviews that I wanted to discuss with them via telephone. After that last e-mail, it has been CRICKETS – no response from them whatsoever… surprise, surprise! I am SO glad that I read the Reviews on Scam Pulse before conducting any business/transactions with them, as it appears they are NOT legitimate breeders, but simply looking to SCAM people. AVOID Jay’s Mini Dachshund like the plague.

Brittany – Apr 27, 2020

Glad I looked, almost bought one, have trusted breeder in Gaffney SC, she is on oodle

Kristine – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 23219

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Contacted through website https://jaydachshund.com/ to inquire about dachshund puppies. Website does not have an address or phone number. Emailed me immediately from [email protected] with suspiciously poor English/grammar wanting personal information and $655 via wire transfer. Emailed me again 5 minutes later to make sure I received the first email. Would not give me address or any information when I offered to visit. Wanted to ship the puppy for free from Rockwell, NC  28138. 

Ana – Apr 18, 2020

Victim Location 28138

Total money lost $730

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammers at first make you think they are concerned about who is buying the puppy. They tell you about how they have taken care of the puppy and want to know more about your family. After you transfer money through paypal or zelle they have a transport company call and want an additional $900 for a shipping crate supposedly to be refunded when they deliver. They threaten to call the police for pet abandonment when you don’t give them additional money. Websites to avoid jayminidachshund.com loyalrottweilers.com. Avoid Express State Transport which was the shipping company. names used were Abel Birgilio Perez, Eliza Eliza. emails [email protected]

Website: jaydachshund.com

Phone: +1 (984) 444-4523

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