Jay Barber

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Audrey –

Victim Location 32810

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Rental

I rented a condo from a landlord by the name of Jay Barber in Tallahassee FL. He is also a lawyer in housing so he claims. Yesterday I was scammed out of $3500 dollars for relocation funding that the bank had given me. I traveled all the way to Tallahassee from Orlando to claim my check. Mr. Barber tricked me into believing that I owed money on the lease for leaving early when really there was never a legal lease and left due to the place being in foreclosure. He took off with my check and so far as gotten away with it. I also found out he was not the owner of the property and I shouldn’t have been paying him rent. He told the bank and realtor that hired him as my lawyer and withheld information from and kept them from talking to me. I never did that nor did I sign a contract. He led me to believe he knew how to help and would submit the paperwork on my behalf to the bank but had ill intentions from the beginning. If you’re in Tallahassee or plan on moving there watch out for this man. He is very smart and clever very knowledgeable with law and will rip a person off and it wouldn’t be noticeable until it’s too late. I am in distraught that I have to fight to not only get my check back but also prove everything.



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