Jaxon Strong Foundation

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Shane –

Victim Location 90731

Type of a scam Charity


Fake "Foundation" in Tavares, FL

1) A reputable charity is a registered charity. The Jaxon Strong Foundation is NOT registered with the State of Florida or the IRS.

2) A reputable charity has a website with .org on it, not .com and allows donations to be made online.

3) A reputable charity is transparent.

4) A reputable charity does not:

-Tell the public to send in money while the individuals running the scam collect Medicaid and possibly other government benefits.

-Have individuals running it who buy new cars and houses and support themselves with donated funds.

-Tell its HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Facebook followers to SEND CHECKS to a personal P.O. Box.

(P.O. Box 1961, Tavares, FL 32778)

The Jaxon Strong Foundation is doing these things now, and hopes its followers will simply see is as all for a good, nice, white/blonde-blue-eyed/Christian family. It is PHONY.

The Jaxon Strong Foundation is illegal. It is being run by Brandon and Brittany Buell. Their street address is 2239 Bexley Dr, Tavares, FL 32778.



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