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Lori – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 37915

Total money lost $1,010

Type of a scam Other

I contacted the company Jason’s Frenchie’s inquiring about a puppy they had advertised on their site as Name: Milly

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: MALE

AKC register Potty trained Microchip health guarantee update on all shots

Age: 11 Weeks

Champion bloodlines: Yes

Show potential: Yes

Status: Available

Shipping: USA

Price: $ 850

I was not informed of the full shipping process only the payment amount until after the final payment was sent and then asked me to send another $850 for a kennel to ship the dog to me from a totally different company. I only heard from the so-called dog owners voice was at this point because they did not understand why I wanted to purchase my own kennel and have it shipped to them through my Chewy online pet store account. It was at this point their explanation of shipping process began to get funny. Jason’s Frenchie’s had already received the full payment including the shipping cost as stated on their site total cost of $1,010 so the $850 kennel cost had me super concerned, plus the picture the kennel company sent looked as if I was shipping a full grown Mastiff or baby hippo way too big for a Frenchie.

So I had to contact Tyson McGee Airport myself to find out their crate policy for shipping a dog and learned then this was a scam since all travel kennels are flight approved except for maybe two styles, but there is no such regulations to require payment on a kennel of $850. I also learned that weather factors during this summer prevented Any airline to ship any animals of any kind. When the heat index is 85 degrees and up no animal can be shipped under the plane, Delta and American Airlines both informed me that no one could even sell me a story that a company could “Make them ship and animal under the plane in 85 degree and above weather”. It is against company policy period.

Another known fact I learned as well is that French Bulldogs are not recommended for people if the travel by flying. According to my local Pet Land store informed me that if I were an individual who travels by flight, they would not sell me a French Bulldog due to their, health problems. Unfortunately, these nice-tempered dogs are deliberately bred with structural deformities that detract from the dog’s condition of life. They especially have trouble breathing, you need to protect them from heatstroke and if your summers get hot, your home needs to be air-conditioned. Along with respiratory disorders, Frenchie’s also suffer from spinal disorders, eye diseases, heart disease, and joint diseases so there was No way Jason’s Frenchie’s can complete the deal as advertised on the site.

As I went through this process, I have learned a lot more about the small things a scammer can do that a person wouldn’t think to look into is so easy and with no shame trick people out of their money. Now after trying to file my claim online seeing even more that Jason’s Frenchie’s is a scam since it does not have any mention of where they are located or any of the proper information I need to file online or even do a search to find Jason’s Frenchie’s as a business. Within my text message proof I did ask this information thinking I could schedule a road trip instead to pick up the dog named Milly with no direct concrete answer.

I am asking for help in writing for my money back and to stop Jason’s Frenchie’s from breaking other family’s hearts with this scam since I know how it felt personally to me and my daughter. This incident is well over Jason’s Frenchie’s online policy I have asked for my refund with no response and No return. The payment process is as followed via CashApp in the photos I can provided in emails as well but here are the amounts briefly mentioned below being respectful of the two-page rule. Thank you so much for your time to help get this pet adoption scammers to help other people in advance. My family was a firm believer in adopting rescue pets as well but dealing with this scam I plan on saving with this refund to go to a local pet store or more certified site for our new companion in our home. Their site is still up and active to this day with the same dog advertised as available that I already paid them for so I they will scam someone else. Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload all of the screenshots I have as my proof of communication in the format that is required and there is over 45 screenshots to send it seems faster to send them all in an email since I can only load one on this site

Jason’s Frenchie’s limited information:

Website: https://jaysonfrenchies.com

Phone number that texted me: 404-969-5834

Several cashapp account payments to:

Jayson Martinez $300 partial adoption fee for Milly on July 21 2020

$Jojoakun $135 for partial shipping fee for Milly on July 21 2020

$godwil5 $575 for final fee and remaining shipping for Milly on July 21, 2020



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