Jason Smith with USA Air Force

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Jaclyn – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 76306

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Romance

Met on Instagram. Very nice. Enjoyed conversations. Said was going back to Air Force base. Only 5 months left. I gave number to keep in touch. Once got to base. Conversation started to get intimate. First wanted me to invest in Bitcoins. I didn’t have money for that. Then wanted to send money to me. He messed up CashApp. I gave him old savings account info. He deposited a check that I alert my bank to… said it was fraud. I knew something was off but didn’t stop talking to him. Then he used his son, he needed money to get son a :500 Steam card/game card. I did buy a $100 steam card. Then he was going on special assignment needed $650 for his son. His pictures stopped coming. I had stopped sending pictures. He Zelle $1255. From some name I didn’t recognize, I called my bank. Made sure money was in account. I could tel he was panicked. I should have held on to that money. He wanted me to use my id and go buy bitcoins. I sent money back, told him none of this makes sense. He finally said he was a hacker. Started demanding money $5000, 3,000, $800. I don’t have that. I did send compromising pictures that they have been threatening to release to porn sites if I didn’t give money. I gave $350. Told them I didn’t have anymore. Said he would talk to boss. Not acceptable wanted $500. I didn’t have. My time kept running out. Now they claim they don’t want money, the want my life. My threats on my life and family. Are now threatening to release pictures by Christmas.



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