Jason Kolberg Mixon

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Francisco – Jul 17, 2020

Victim Location 13905

Type of a scam Romance

I was matched with a guy I thought was in the military on 6/7/20. We hit it off and I was very lonely, and yes, he was definitelyin the too good to be true category. He said he was in North Carolina, but his home was in Boston and he’d be there in a few months. He told me his accounts were frozen and asked me for help, I’m sadly a trusting individual with a good heart so I told him I would open an account that he could transfer money into and help him pay bills. He ended up depositing so many checks into my account that it froze on 7/3. I sent money to multiple emails, one through Zelle, [email protected] for a total of $2500, 3 $1000 payments through PayPal to [email protected] and [email protected] On 7/5, I was able to contact my bank and get a fraud alert put on and I contacted the police to report the scam as well. He just emailed last night 7/17 threatening to find me if he doesn’t get his money. I called the detective in charge of my case. My bank has returned all the deposits, but I had transferred money into another account to keep it separate from mine, but with the deposits going into the primary, it’s showing I’m $14,000 short. Because of this mistake, that I’m suffering from emotionally, financially, I’m also terrified. I have no desire for any financial gain from this, I was just looking for love.



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