Jason Ferguson

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Mitchell –

Victim Location 76201

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Employment

I was on indeed and I had applied for an "Office Assistant" position. A few days later I received an email from this man named Jason Ferguson who told me that he was an independent real estate attorney. He said I was hired for the job to do some tasks for him and asked for my basic information name, number, email, and address. Telling me that I would be paid 600 a week plus bonuses, and said he was out of town in Canada for 3 weeks so I had no interview scheduled. A few days past I get another email saying that my first weekly payment has been shipped out and I need to check my mail. I opened the letter (Which was an old envelope) and a check was inside for 4,834 dollars. I asked what the extra money was for and he said that he donates to charity organizations and the money would be used to buy toys for the children. So he askes me to deposit the check into my account, which I did. Then he needed me to do the first task, telling me one of the children has a heart condition and needs 1000 urgently. He wanted me to send money through a Zelle account for 500 dollars, I did. Then once again asked me to send another 500 to a different person through Cashapp, which I did. The next morning he says go to Walmart and buy four Visa prepaid cards and put 500 on each of them. I managed to buy one and send him a picture of the front and back, but at that point, I had a horrible feeling that I am being scammed. I went to my bank and they confirmed the check was fraudulent. I filed claims to maybe get my money back and contacted the police shortly after.



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