Jasmine Pike/Simona

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Carl –

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Employment

I work in the film industry. I have recently heard multiple complaints from people looking for work as a background extra that they have been scammed by a woman who refers to herself as both Jasmine Pike and Simona. Qualified Background Agents do not charge background extras who they hire onto their roster, and receive payment via commission on any work they secure for their rostered background extras. All complainants stated that this woman was charging $200 to sign up with her, yet had received no work in exchange, sometimes up to a year later. When I called Jasmine-or-Simona at the number listed on the craigslist ad, and confronted her as to why she was charging $200 for what should be free, she nervously stated that this was a fee for taking photos; all that is required to do background work is a simple photo of your face that anyone can take of themselves on their phone or camera. I am incensed that people looking for work are being prayed upon in a manner that leaves them with even less money. I believe she only accepts cash. The phone number this woman can be reached at is 778-***, and her address is *** *** ***, Vancouver, BC.

Thank you for your help in this matter 🙂

Jasmine Pike (Simona)



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