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Lisa –

Victim Location 64155

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hi. I have been looking to get our family a ragdoll kitten for Christmas. I spoke to many breeders via private messenger on Facebook. Their prices were more than I could rationalize myself purchasing. I came across their website and saw adorable kittens available. The website doesn’t show a price, but showed they were 50% off. I filled out an information form on their site asking for my cell # and email address last night. This morning I received an email from them stating their kitten was on sale for $300. I call the breeder today, could barely speak English and heard a bunch of other guys in the background with same Indian accent. I asked him where he lived, he said Texas and I asked about the temperament and health of the certain kitten I was interested in and why he was selling the kittens at 11 weeks for only $300. He told me the house was full of kittens and they needed to go because him and his wife work during the day and he had kids at home and it was too much. Also when I asked what form of payment he accepted, he told my credit card or Venmo, but no PayPal. He told me it’s $200 for shipping making the total amount $500 to have her transported via airport with nanny and if we lived 20 miles within our airport, the nanny would run her by of no extra charge. This is super cheap for a ragdoll kitten an shipping. The whole conversation, I had a gut instinct they were scammers. I asked him if the kittens are registered and he said they were through TICA. I searched the TICA website and looked in the state of Texas for their name listed online, even every state to no available. I called the man back and asked him why he told my they were registered through TICA, but not showing online. He kept hanging up on me and calling back acting like he didn’t hear the question. Then he used a different breeder name that was listed under the state of Texas and told me he works for them and breeds kittens together. Now when I google their , it no longer shows up, but if I enter the website, it’ll show up. This is a scam.



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