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Aaron –

Victim Location 68101

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was given the phone # by a "facebook resentative" I’m sorry do NOT have that # or her name (probley fake anyways)moment was in a differant town.The # that I was given the from the first person who refered me ( HAD to be in on that horrible scam ) . I am on disablity from dying of an asthma attack & now have a syndrome ( Lance Adams Syndrome ) 150 people have it in the world. They knew I had $11 to my name as I let them know I was financially & could NOT afford it . Knew something didnt sound legit called back a lady answered & woud NOT tell me how much it usually was the cost. I asked her MANY times while being put on hold . Oh ya the first person Jascob( could tell I was in a fake kinda old where thy could hear me cause I tested them & said that got them off hold right away)finaly let me talk to his " manager " .Not a nice person, when I said something about calling the Better Business she hung up on me.I called back right back& wanted this guy to know my name I said well what is yours. instantly became not to happy with me. When I explained I called and talked to a few people he became another person & would just asked to talk to the female manager that I spoke to before …WOW !!! I have NEVER would imanage that someone that i "thought" was there to help" was ,well it blew my mind!!! .He sais that there is NO manager I can speak to & would NOT transfer me to anyone while slaming me and mocking me. I stayed calm . Asked him if he could just put through any female manager and I would go thought ALL of them "so to not waist anymore of his time ( but really I was about to cry) . Taking time out of my day,yet didnt saythat,but yet mocked by him. I comley said I hope you know that I am recording this convercation as do any corporation. He then says he as well is & accused me of ,well he just flipped the scriped & every nasty ,mean,mocking horrible thing he had said to me got worse .sadly I did ntot record it ,I so very wish I did..That was a lie & I apologize to you for this . I was truly hurt , I know there are ALOT of bad people out there . But if this happened to a loved one im sure you would understand. So I end this they wanted me to got to walmant and get a money order for $200.00 for a googleplay card. I then told I do very much so "talked to too mant people" . I did question this that would be why I called back right away. I then was told it was a deposit ,my gut said NO this sounds wrong.I then said well why dont we skip that part since your going to send it back anyways ….so sorry "bad memory from dying for over 5 minutes " These are MEAN,BAD people & Ive learned to keep my guard up ,& look for RED FLAGS!!!! this is for sure one!!! If they didnt think twice about my money issues and have no care in the world , no worries , or conscience !!! They NEED to be STOPPED PLEASE hear me out & help stop these so called "humans" Im terribly saddened by this. i hope you can understand it all I have problems with alot,typing is one of them.If you have ANY questions I pray you can find a way to get ahold of me somehow.



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