Jared ?

Check Jared ? reviews to see if it is legit.

Melody –

Victim Location 01201

Type of a scam Utility

He came to my house showing "Eversourse Energy Paperwork and his ID on his phone and said he would like to review our electric bill because he was informed that we were paying higher than normal for our electricity and he could fix it so we would save as much as $5 to $15 a month

and also get a rebate for the overcharges. I am 91 and hard of hearing, he called someone and had me say yes or no as some questions where

asked. He said i would see a new energy supplier on my second month’s bill He wrote his name "Jared" Phone # 1-508-494-9558 and

# 1-518-562-1166 and my Eversource Acct.# *** *** ***  and another Acct.# ? ***  on my bill I think he said new supplier would be

Direct Energy I would likr to stay with the supplier that i have Nextera Energy



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