jar roofing

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Ronnie –

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

on Saturday july 15,2019 two men came to our house noticing we needed work on our eaves they made small talk were both wearing orange t shirts said they were from Australia but one was Scottish too they saw what needed to be done we didn’t give them permission to start anything but brian got on our roof and started removing panels off of our hot tub enclosure showing they were damaged and wood was rotten they said they woud come back july 16 they did but did not have id or any company information they had to repair what they started but then brian seemed to be the boss got angry demanding 8000 dollars cash no cheques we told them we never asked them to work for us they put us in a very difficult situation the other fellow gary tried to make things better took 2000 off the price we refused thay didn’t have their own tools borrowed our ladder we told them to leave they had started to put panels on the roof but left withour finishing they called later asking for the money we called the police who said if they come back to call 911 and tell them they are trespassing .we are seniors with disabilities and low income and they wanted to take advantage of that



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