Jar Pharmaceuticals

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Lindsey –

Victim Location 35405

Type of a scam Employment

Scammer tried to get me to load money on a google play card he also tried to mail me a check after saying he tried to mail me a check for pay this man is a total scam

Monica –

Victim Location 47807

Type of a scam Employment

This job was posted on a job hiring page on Facebook for Terre Haute IN. I emailed my resume to the address provided. I got the attached email back. I took part in an interview via Google Hangouts. I was told there would be a second part to the interview the next morning but I found out it was a scam by googling "pharmaceutical scam" before hand. He did say that they would provide me with a computer and would pay $21/ hour and the work days would be 6 hours a day. Said they had one location in Canada (I found that by googling) but they would be opening a new location in Terre Haute in three weeks and needed 25 people to start it.



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