Japanese maple and evergreens

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Alexandra – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 23455

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order a couple Japanese maple grafts from Japanese maples and evergreens; the item description says that they were two year grafts. These grafts were not as described; they were 2.5 inches tall and were dying on arrival. Grafting tape was still present on one plant and the other being snapped in half.(Mailman made a joke about the soil falling out of the package). I immediately took pictures And emailed the only return contact for the Company. No response, I look at their review after a number of emails and come to find out they have scammed a number of people. Selling fake grafts, broken, and dead while never answering a email. This is an amazon retailer and cherry pick their reviews so the truth is hidden from the public. Selling fresh grafts and calling them two year old grafts and selling them at 30$ a piece. I have purchased grafts from a number of nurseries and they just happen to sell to someone who knows what they’re doing. Please help



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