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Randall –

Victim Location 77539

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Joe Leath, HR rep of Janzhoff (a elevator solutions company) claiming they were interested in discussing my Linked-In application (but my application did not show any record of this.) He asked me to join Google Hangouts (instant messaging) to conduct the online interview, I was given a verification code and proceeded. The interview was basic questions but no introduction of the company, the position or anything. Within 10 minutes after the interview concluding, the interviewer said the "team" had made their selection and I got the job as an Administrative assistant. He sent me a offer letter to sign with an overview of the position. It was $45/hr, 8am-2pm, 20 days vacation+9 holidays, and they would provide me a home office. I signed the letter and dated it to recieve a list of items I need to buy for my home office set up. The list included a Mac Book laptop, IPhone 7, multiple accounting softwares and a HP printer. Asked if I could quote these items and they would mail a check so I could buy the items. The check arrived a day later for $4950 from New York but the check had the address of Minnesota from a RockFord Construction company (a real company). With the note was instructions that told me to email a lady named Lauren Walker to verify I had received the check. The letter had no letter head with a disclaimer statement that said " disregard any message informing you that the final officer has resigned or has left the payment department or giving you a new email to contact other than what you have above, any information of that is false." No address, phone number, or company affiliation listed in the closing of the letter. My bank did not post the check to my account and when I called they said they would mail it back to me with a specific reason why. When I asked the interviewer why is was not posted he said the accounting department said it was because of insufficient funds due to the other checks of my fellow trainees had been cashed before mine. Lauren and my interviewer wanted screen shots of proof, so I took them scratching all possible personal information. They rushed me to get the supplies on my own, I told them I did not feel comfortable with that. They said typically gift cards work fine to. They sent me a quote for the items of Office Supplies LLC, the invoice had a letter head with an address of 5925 Glendale AZ, I googled earth the address with nothing of the business to be found. I confronted the interviewer and he said it was a private vendor. I told him the bank expected fraud and he said that that’s presumptuous and that he rest of trainee batch felt the same.



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