Janssen Pharmeceuticals

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Hector –

Victim Location 23225

Type of a scam Employment

Received e-mail stating that me resume was reviewed and that I needed to contact [email protected] to start an interview. I went to the site and was told to open a Hangouts accounts for the interview. This was for a work at home customer service position. The person introduced himself as Adrian Reed, 62 years old as an interview manager for Hanssen Pharmaceuticals who rec’d a BA in the UK. Asked for my name age, sex and location. Asked if I was a citizen, had a green card, clean from felony drug use and marital status. He asked for my e-mail address to send more info about the duties ( never received any info).Asked how many hours I could work and whether or not a had a printer, scanner, fax machine and copier and my typing speed. Asked about petty cash and privacy codes of conduct. HE mentioned that he was in Columbus Ohio, but he originally implied that he was working from Germany, He asked about what bank I used for direct deposit. He asked me to contact him back in the morning to see if I got the job which of course he said yes. Told me I had an activation code from HR and that a document would be sent to complete included a W4, medical and security clearance form. HE said that I would receive duties daily via email from the supervisor. He again asked for full name, address, state, city, zip code and phone number which I sent. He then sent me a list of materials that I would need, When I told him that I did not have some of the materials he said that the company will be handling the cost of all the working materials and home equipment. The accountant would mail me a check to handle the cost via Fed Ex and then deposit into the account. When I mentioned that the talent acquisition team of Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of Jannsen would send me an offer letter to tell me how much time I have to respond to accept or decline the offer, according to their web site he cut off communications



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