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Tony –

Victim Location 85719

Type of a scam Employment

Contacted from [email protected] where the address name was spoofed as "Janssen Pharmaceuticals", saying that my resume was viewed on job posting Zip Recruiter (I have recently applied to jobs through Zip Recruiter). The contents of the email were saying that an interview has been scheduled with the hiring manager of the company, Steve Wooding, but that I must add [email protected] to google hangouts, and conduct the interview there. Already multiple red flags… I ignore the email, and a couple days later, I receive text from 646 308 9671 claiming to be Mr. Steve Wooding from the company, and that the interview is ready through google hangouts, if I am to accept. I play along at this point. The "interview" process goes well, and I am offered an entry level position with the firm, in a new location they are about to open up in my area (no official information could be obtained about this, and seems completely made up). I keep playing along, and I am to receive a generous check to cover costs of new equipment and materials needed for the job. The check is to come overnight through fedex to start work immediately as a work at home small office, until the location is setup. More red flags… I ignore the next responses from "him", and the next morning, I receive a call from 646 801 6155 claiming to be Steve Wooding. Already, this is from a different number than before, and the person speaking at first sounded robotic, but then when sounding human, sounded like had an outsourced call center accent. The phone call is simply that I need to get back online hangouts to proceed. In what world is google hangouts necessary to work a job??? Back on hangouts, "Mr. Steve Wooding" says I must make a cash depost (only) in the amount of $6000 to a representative of the companies account, of which he only refers to the account as "vendor account", and needing to wait for an anonymous "her to provide me the account details" already more red flags. It took me through about 6 or more text message exchanges to try and get the account information to make the "purchase", I even mentioned I was ready to make purchase before their check came in, and as a generous transfer made available within a few business days, but the responses just kept getting more vague, until "Cash deposit only". Everything about it seems completely off at this point, and now I am filing scam complaints and reports. I will string this person along a bit longer before revealing I have wasted his time, and hopefully by doing so, have prevented him from contacted one or more other people to try and scam them. All forms of communication will be blocked at that point in time, no more early morning phone calls!!!



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