Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Spoof)

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Kevin –

Victim Location 27410

Type of a scam Employment

I received in an initial email from an HR address from supposed Janssen Pharmaceuticals asking me to do an interview with Joan leuthold via Google Hangouts text interview. I scheduled the interview and went through basic questions and briefing process like any other interview only it was all text messaging. I only gave her my basic name address and age nothing more. The job was a work-from-home medical assistant job and the Baseline was that this pharmaceutical company was building a new facility in my area. they were hiring work from home applicants until the facility had been built, with the option of working at the facility or continuing work-from-home afterwards. After a couple of days I got a text from her telling me that I was hired and they were going to send me all of the materials including a laptop and software using a vendor they had a relationship with.They wanted to send me a check to deposit in cash in my bank account the next day and pay for the supplies with this vendor. They sent a bogus copy and pasted letter of employment asking for all my personal information and even wanted my tax statements. I never gave them anything and told them I would not give them anything until I could speak with an actual person. I told them I was not comfortable with cashing a check for supplies with my bank. That they should pay the vendor and ship to me. I never heard back or got a response from them once confronting get them.



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