Janice Santana

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Marc –

Victim Location 07032

Total money lost $152,000

Type of a scam Romance

"Janice Santana" using [email protected] conned me out of monies and items over $100,000.

She claimed to be a United States Marine who at the time of my conversations, was to have been serving tours in both Syria and Mauritius. This all started around this time last year. Supposedly, "Janice Santana" was supposed to be coming home from Mauritius back on 3/13/2018 after a brief stint on a humanitarian near Camp Diego Garcia in Mauritius. However, that plan never happened.

Within that period up until the wire that originated on 3/21/2018, "Janice Santana" had mentioned about her late parents owning a farmhouse in Sacramento, California. "Janice Santana" had mentioned how the yearly rent was needed to keep the place open and that a caretaker named "Frank Murray" took care of the property. Sent an outgoing wire from one of my bank accounts to pay for repairs to farmhouse back in March 2018 that totaled $9,100, with a $20 fee assessed.

I received a phone bill from Verizon with charges totaling $3500 as “Janice Santana” had me purchase various iPhones, including five on my plan, and one of the phones had international calls to and from Nigeria totaling about $2500. Now I am stuck paying down not only these bills, but additional personal loans for which “Janice Santana” had tricked me into doing during nine months of chatting, for which not once did “Janice Santana” ever reveal her voice.



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