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Lisa – 9 h ago

Victim Location 03062

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I’m an international student and this is my first year in the US. I sell my old shoes and dress on the app Poshmark and it is the first time I use it too. There are 2 buyer, both asked me to contact them through their email and I really did it. Then they said that they will send me check to buy the products and I also accepted it. The first buyer contacted me first, say that her son is in the hospital and she asked her husband to send me the check, and she said that her husband made a mistake, he sent me 2 checks and each one is 1500$ while the item i sell is only 180$. She asked me to go the bank, cash 1 check, and send the rest cash, the other check, with the item to her. I really went to the bank and cashed the check but the bank officer said that I could not cash it for some reasons that she did not know too because it just appeared on the conputer. Then I asked te customer what to do and she said that I had to deposit the check. I told her that I would send both the check and item to her, then she could aend me the appropriate money that I should have. But she just strongly said no. And I still thought that no problem happened. I really went and deposit the check and the money also came to my account. Fortunately, that day I have too much homework to do so I didn’t go to cash the deposit. The next day, I received the email from the second customer. She said that her daughter is in the hospital and her husband made a mistake which he sent me the money over the one I should receive, and asked me to go and deposit the check, deduct my money and sent it back to her with the item. Funny what happened :)). 2 different people asked me to do the same thing. At this time, I really suspicious about what happened, i surfed the Internet and found that they were fake check scammer. I went to the bank on the next day, ask them to help me solve it because I just don’t know anything I should do. And the bank officer just said that luckily, I did not send the first customer the check and advice to me that I should go to the police and report it. And I really report it with the police. The second customer, at the time I receive her email, I just told her that her email is exactly the same what I have received from the first customer. And she just did not reply me. One thing that I still afraid now is that I gave them my address so I kind of afraid. But this would be a good experience for me in the US. I should be more careful

Julia –

I believe that I’m in the same situation and I want to know if anything has happened since the



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