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Joanna – Aug 24, 2020

I received an email requesting two MaryKay Timewise sets. The scammer asked “I need you to help me submit these products, you would receive payment via check from my boss to cover the amount, shipping fee and tax before submitting it

Item Description : TimeWise Ultimate Miracle Set 3D Normal/Dry
Price : $110.00
Qty : 2

Are the products all hand-packed ? Email me with :
1. The full name Check is made payable out to :
2. The full address Check would be mail out to :
3. Grand total for the product.
4. Your mobile phone number.

So that the Check can be mail ASAP.
After searching, I found this site to determine the person is a scammer. MaryKay Consultants beware!

Ronald – Sep 29, 2020

I received the same exact text message this morning. Number was 817-571-4666.

Jacqueline – Aug 12, 2020

I just received this text. As a seasoned Mary Kay Consultant I know scam all too well. BEWARE of this scams! I’m Janet Lahm, Can you help me submit MK order? Email me at ( [email protected] ) for more details. The text came from this #773-633-8795, but I’m sure this person uses a hundred different #’s & most likely different email addresses. Mary Kay consultants beware of anyone texting instructing you to email them. Never accept a money order or a large order from someone you do not know or wants you to go through their “boss”. One of my consultants actually got one that said she was deaf & that she needed the consultant to send everything to the.scammers boss. The joke was on the scammer because the consultant knew how to sign American Sign Language.

Armando – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 19143

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a text asking about a Mary Kay order that led to an email exchange. The scammer wanted to make a purchase for their boss of 2 Mary Kay timewise sets. They wanted to know the amount and an address to send a check. I asked if they had other online payment methods and they said only check. I wanted to verify it wasn’t a scam but they insisted on sending a check. They provided an address to send the product. I asked that I receive the check first before processing. They sent the check , but at this time I had found out it was a scam. I destroyed the check and sent it back to the address they sent for the product. They were upset because the check was for their entire paycheck not the amount for the product. They had emailed me that this would be so, but when I tried calling I 1) noticed it was a different number and 2) was not getting anyone. So I took a picture and sent it to them stating it was voided and they sent a message back with the middle finger emoji. So, that’s my story.



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