Janet Angus Tavizon

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Logan –

Victim Location 20852

Total money lost $14,530

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

In June 2018, I was sent a text message from Janet Angus Tavizon suddenly by telling me that David Maier (A loan scammer lives in TX) is a bad guy who scams a lot of money from target man like me. She explained that she was also a victim of David’s scam having lost $60,000. She by telling so told that she can seriously provide funding to my project for up to $1.5M by using her own money earned from her real estate business. Discussion continued and she proposed a no interest funding as she became interested in my project. However, instead, she demanded us to make sizeable amount of upfront fee totaling $7,200 which shall be sent via cash deposit to her cousin (Catherine W. Barret who resides in GA) account with SunTrust Bank. Such tendency guiding us to deposit to third party individual name account indicated odd, but the discussion continued. However, after such cash deposit had been made, she had not delivered any of promised funding for a while.

Sooner after some pause, she started to propose that she would carry the cash by herself to us from Missouri to Maryland via air. And she requested certain amount of staying expense and flight fare fee for $3,000. But, on the projected travel day, there was no communication for 2 days, Then she sent us email that she was detained at airport’s custody for carrying such unidentified big cash in her luggage. She later told she was held at the custody for a week until her cousin Catherine withdrew her from there. Then with such story (fake) the fund had never delivered.

Then, she changed her strategy to scam us by telling that she would again send the fund via wire transfer but bank requested many of new charges and fees so that we must make payments for those new costs by sending iTunes gift cards. So many newly invented fees and unexplained extra costs were shown and she demanded to send cards as soon as possible so that she would be able to deliver the fund.

But, as natural outcome of such fictitious stories, the fund has never been delivered to date (Jan.30.2019) She stated a lot of non-sense stories and contradictory matters even by sending many times, "Transfer done".

To date, we were scammed $14,530.00 as prepaid fees mostly sent via iTunes Gift Cards over 72 times sent.

She (or whoever masked person by naming himself as Janet Tavizon) today still seeking final fee for $50 to complete the transfer from bank, but it had repeated over 72 times the same lies. She used to work as an agent of fee collection for David Maier (Described as above, a malicous scammer) and she was living in the same market together with scammers. Our mistake is the trust granted her who had worked with such scam group.



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