Jane Walsh

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Pedro –

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Romance

This person claim to be a USA soldier serving in Syria, with the name You’re friends on Facebook

Works at U.S. Army

Studies at Wellesley College

Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota

NOV 5TH, 1:14PM

Jane Walsh

first we start a conversation in Messenger then she said to go to Google hangouts, which I did, I have a nice picture of her and she was telling me stories of how hard is to be in that place, Thank you so much dear. You’re so kind and I really appreciate you.

Dear I’ve got a problem with my data connection.

My data will be get exhausted soon and I might be offline for a while if I’m not able to resubscribe.

If I can be able to get an iTunes card I’ll be able to resubscribe. The Walmart store where I usually get it was attacked by the terrorists some weeks ago and they had to close down.

Is it possible you help me get a US iTunes over there?

So then I bought a card of $50 dollar and I send the picture of the back of the car.

And this happen after the card:

Honey I don’t have a phone here.

Me: That is okay, as long as you have my phone number for any emergency okay

Okay, I’ll write it down.

Honey I’ll really appreciate if I can get a phone for my birthday on other to ease communication.

It’s really been a long time I had a phone.

So If it’s possible to get the phone and send it to USA then it would be brought here by the troops coming in.

But all these would take long since the phone will have to be moved from Toronto to US.

Me: I do not know that, you have to find that and see how it works

I think the best is just to send the money for the phone and it would be bought in US and then brought here.

That way it would be faster and more convenient for you and me.

Me: You have a computer in your room, and there is internet service

Yes I have a computer

I’m just thinking of an easier and faster way for us.

Me: Well I can get a phone with my service provider, and I will pay installments, for a good phone, but I can send you money only for one of those smart phones low cost,

but then you have to find me an address where to mail the phone or the money,

If you get a phone from the service providers I’m sure the phone will be unlock which then means I can’t be able to use any sim other sim on the phone except theirs and that would make it difficult for me to use.

*the phone will be locked.

The best is to have the money sent instead, with that I can be able to use any sim of my choice.

I’ll get the address later today, when I go out.

Thank you so much honey.

For the first time I’m really excited about m birthday.

Me: Okay then find the address and I will send it to you.

How much can you get a Phone in there

$800 to $1000 should get me a good iPhone.

But it’s a gift, so I’ll be very happy with any amount you can send to me.

Me: Well send me the address I will see how much I can afford to send you.

Receiver’s Name: Fred Idika

Receiver’s Address: 19 Greenbrush ct. Windsor Mill MD 21244

Zipcode: 21244

City: Windsor Mill

State: MaryLand

Country: United States

Me: Hello I would like to know who is this Fred Idika and why do I have to send money to him and not to you, how is he to send you the money, because I can do that also, you give me the address where you are now and I will ask a friend if he can help me on how the military works about send money, okay I will wait for your reply

Mon, 5:41 PM

Me: I am sorry but I have to ask you this questions, you mention to me an attack by terrorist in a walmart but I can not find any news for that, also when you give the time because I send you the time from here it was the same as when we start our conversations, but it should be different because we have a change of time on one hour which and instead of 8 hours it should be 9 why is it that difference.

Mon, 6:23 PM

Hello honey..

Honey, I told you that some troops will be coming to Syria from US. So Fred is one of the board member of the troops, the phone will be bought in USA and then it will be brought here by the troops to Syria.

It’s not everything that happens here in the camp in Syria that they put in the news, so many things that they do not let the public know so they avoid putting it in the news due to security reason honey.

So I’m not surprised that they never put about the attack of the Walmart in the news and besides it’s been a long time ago that the store was attacked.

As for the time difference that you’re talking about, I don’t understand what you mean, can you please explain clearly?

Well can you give your address for mail correspondence

My address here?

I’m in Homs Syria

No there is a Apo or Fro address use by military to recive mail

Aren’t you talking about my current location ?

I mean where the base is here ?

No you can not give that address but you have a way to recive mail rigt

I am sorry to my self to believe somuch but if you are who you say you are at least you can give me that address to comfirm you are who you say you are

When family and friends want to sent mails/items it comes in generally. I mean it has to be taken from the base all together n USA and everyone’s thing would be brought here all at ones. After it must have passed through the necessary checking. This are done to make sure that the mails are not harmful things like bombs and otherwise.

Honey, what address do you need?

And I don’t understand you, do you mean you don’t trust me or what ?

My friend said to me there is an address use by military and he gave me those inicials I do not know what it means but he said you should know

You mean the Apo or Fro??

Me: I was scam before and I do not trust anything goes by Webster union, then send me an account number with a name to be wire from bank to bank and I will send you the money

Honey, if that’s what you want I’ll have to go ask my superiors.

And if there are other questions please ask now

And like I told you, I’ll never make you feel hurt.

And if you don’t want to send the money, it’s fine.

My love for you will still remain.

You’re very much respected by me because I’ll also love to be respected too.

Never will I try to make you feel disrespected or make you feel hurt, because you’ve never hurt me before and I promise to love and adore you.

Me: Okay please do and I am sorry but I have to make sure you are real, in this day people does not care about others people’s feelings, then I will be waitting for the address

You have to make sure I’m real? Honey did you just say this? We had a video call remember.?

But it’s fine, thank you for letting me know about this

I’ll do as you say, but you need to understand that it might take days to receive the money if we do a wire transfer.

But what ever you say is fine and I’ll never go against it t hurt you.

Yes I am, thanks for asking.

Honey please help me get an iTunes card when you’re chanced.

Okay honey, please get the card when you you’re free.

me: Have a little somenthing to eat, take care

What do you want to eat?

Jane • 11:02 AM

Babe, are you there ?

Jane • 11:42 AM

I close all communication with this person after this.



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