Jana E Holder

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Danielle – Oct 03, 2020

She’s still at it! Jana Holder (aka Jana Englehart Holder on Facebook) attempted to rope me in by sending me information, an invitation, really, through a trusted friend who encouraged me to apply, as he had, for $90,000.
I got suspicious of Ms. Holder before I caught on to my friend’s Messenger Account having been hacked.
(Never have your hacker ask a question his stolen identity would know the answer to!) And before I had verification of that, I was asking her if we had Englehart ancestors in common, telling her that the toothless horror in the video she sent convinced me NOT to send money rather than visa versa, and generally making her life miserable.
I ultimately told her she was a rotten scammer and a church going, patriotic phony besides (from Fb).
I then reported her both on Facebook and on Messenger for impersonating a US Agent, SPAM, harassment…and whatever other boxes they offered that I could check. I also blocked her on both.

Evelyn – May 23, 2020

Contacted by an old friend who sent me a link to contact Jana E Holder. Now she is sending me multiple messages. Promises 90K by check or cash. Continues to press me for my personal information. Please inform me of the results concerning this scammer. I am blocking her.

Jay – Oct 03, 2020

I assume you are receiving these messages on Messenger? Then Block Her! Simple enough; tap on her name, or photo and it will take you “behind the scenes” with options. One is “Block”. You can also file a report with Messenger about her SPAM and…harassment I believe. Good luck. Nasty woman!

Kelly – Apr 19, 2020

Victim Location 29150

Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammer is using friends Facebook profiles in Messenger to get people (force) people to provide private info in order to get a 90k govt grant that doesn’t need to be paid back. They used a close friend FB messenger process to convince me. My friend Joey Edwards. Went to his house today to let him know. This scammer needs to be stopped before they scam other older senior citizens.



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