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Krystle –

Victim Location 45103

Type of a scam Romance

My aunt was contacted by a guy she dated many years ago. My aunt is a quadriplegic from being shot by her ex husband and is currently in a nursing home. Anyways this man Is supposedly an architect and traveled around the world designing buildings and he was currently in Africa and wanted to return to the US and take care of her and his son. He stated to her that he had bought, I think like 50 kilos of gold bars, and wanted to send it to the states because they wouldn’t let him bring it on the plane, and needed someone to receive them. He buttered her up for a while Knowing her condition and how vulnerable and desperate she was. She tried to get her son to do it but he wouldn’t, knowing he was a scammer. Then she asks me, her niece to do it. I said yes not thinking, but when I talked to the guy on messenger I asked him if he needed my social security number and he says yes so I told him that I couldn’t do it that it was too much of a risk, then he tells me he doesn’t need it just my name and address and he starts trying to make me feel guilty saying how my aunt trusted me. There’s so many more red flags but I think this gets the point across not to trust this evil man.



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