Jamot Cattery aka Mangas Cat Home

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Lance – Jul 02, 2020

I too had the Identical same experience with this outfit. My wife and I wanted to purchase Russian Blue Kittens and my experience with Jamot Catter was precisely the same as this Report. -Jeff in Dallas

Jamie – Jun 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone (740) 879-7023

Scammer’s website www.jamotfamily.com

Scammer’s address Dayton, Ohio

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Website

I was nearly scammed out of $1,200 by this fake company too when trying to purchase two Russian Blue kittens. However, the new company’s name(s) are Jamot Cattery aka Jamot Cat Home aka www.jamotfamily.com claiming to be a cattery located in Dayton, Ohio that sells Russian Blue, Bengal, Ragdoll, and Maine [censored] kittens. Their website still has both names (the new Jamot Cat Home and the previous Mangas Cat Home) on their main page as someone forgot to fix this error. Under the Review tab on their website you will notice https://jamotfamily.com/otzyvy in the search tab at the top. Otzyvy translated from Russian to English actually means reviews. Their phone number is the same as stated in previous pet scams except under different company names (Mangas Kitties aka Mangas Cattery) at 704-897-7023. This phone number is a non-fixed VoIP (e.g. from Skype or Google Voice) with an unknown registrant name and unknown location. We called the number next, but when the call picked up there was not a voice on their machine, but instead it was the sound of several cats meowing before the beep tone to leave a message. Someone from Jamot Cattery who claimed to be Daniel followed up with a text message saying they missed my call. I decided to ask a few questions so hopefully I can help others from falling prey to these individuals. Upon further investigation, I asked if the kittens were up to date with their shots and if so, what vet do they use. After waiting some time, they finally sent me the name of a vet’s office, so I called them. They did not have a customer under Daniel Jamot, Jamot Cat Home or for Jamot Cattery. Next, I asked the seller to video chat with us so we could see the kittens. They would not comply by saying it was against their privacy policy meaning no in-person visits without placing a deposit first and the only accepted forms of payment were to be through Zelle or CashApp. Since it was not in person, but rather over video, I stated that we would not be placing any kittens in harm’s way and would be in accordance with their privacy policy. I persisted that we would really appreciate the video chat with them, as well as see the kittens we wanted to purchase before sending funds. Jamot Cattery is no longer pursuing me to purchase their fake kittens from their fake site. And on a final note, the correspondence over email and texting was broken English leading me to believe these scammers are from overseas too. Hope this helps!

Danielle – Jun 28, 2020

Omg… I had similar experience! I was trying to get one of their kitten Jerry. After they sent me 4 pics of him (from a similar angle), I requested a video session to check the kitten because the images they gave me seemed like stock images…Start from there, things just got weird,,, they ignored my request the first time I asked, then after asking for several times, they told me that in order to do a video session, I need to pay $300 of deposits, which is ridiculous b/c that’s half the price of the kitten. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to find their location and info of this Daniel Jamot guy and yet I haven’t found any info at all…

Website: www.jamotfamily.com

Phone: +1 (740) 879-7023

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