James Winston

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Brett –

Victim Location 49646

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Caller claimed to be my son, with stitches in his lip (to prevent certain voice identification). He was supposedly involved in a car accident which was his fault and had been arrested. He handed the phone to his "lawyer" who went into some detail about the accident and that the other car involved was driven by tourists who wanted to just settle the matter. They would agree not to pursue charges and would settle for $2,000 in Sam’s Club gift cards. I was told to purchase the cards immediately and he would phone back to get the card numbers and pin in about 2 hours. I asked to speak to my son again, but the caller said he had been taken to his cell. Red flags went up, especially after the initial shock. My wife called our son’s cell number and he immediately picked up and assured us that the call had been a total scam.



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