James Watson

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Martin –

Victim Location 27294

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A few years ago I was interested in adopting a yorkie puppy for my kids and a got scammed by a women saying that I needed to send her the money through western union and the company that was flying my puppy from another country and every day the company would call asking for more money and I never got my puppy and now I decided to look again but this time through a website and when I showed interest for a puppy named Nora that company emailed me and asked for the same information the Scam artist from a few years back asked for too so obviously I got a little suspicious and and asked how would they receive the money and how would I receive Nora ?

As soon as they said they would send me address so that I could send payment through money gram

So please spread the word these scam artists have been doing it for years with diferente websites



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