James Walters

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Arthur –

Victim Location 94941

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Rental

I found an apartment listing on Zumper and Apartment.com for a Honolulu apartment. My daughter was interested in the apartment and I emailed the "owner". James Walters exchanged several emails and two phone calls with me. My daughter traveled to Hawaii and went to see the apartment. According to James, he was off the island and could not show her the inside. She should see if she liked the neighborhood and then he would let her know if she got the apartment. Which he did, he said we needed to fill out an application and then send a deposit of $1500. We sent $500 and said we would not send any more money until we would be let in to see the inside. We got nervous because the money was being wired by Zelle to Kabir Akanni not James Walters. He said it was his wife. It looks like it is a Nigerian man – James said if we wanted our money back that would be fine but he would not send us the keys until we sent the balance of the money. Of course once we asked for the refund, he disappeared. Should have known better, but what a shame to rip off a college kid!



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