James W Hunt

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Cory –

Victim Location 30309

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I was defrauded by Mr. James Hunt. I engaged Mr. Hunt to repair my credit and I paid him a $500 fee to provide such services. After I had paid him in advance, Mr Hunt sent me a “credit repair” package to send to the Credit Agencies. This package included documents for me to sign whereby i would be claiming that my identity had been stolen, along with providing me instructions that I should go to my local police department to report my wallet had been stolen or lost (which it had obviously not been). Mr Hunt stated in his instructions that then i should send his letters which referenced the “falsely” claimed stolen identity to the credit agencies, along with the police report claiming that my identity had then been stolen- and that the charges, notations on my credit report were therefore inaccurate and not my accounts. I believe that this is bank fraud and wire fraud and also illegal because of going to a police department and falsely claiming that my license had been stolen. Mr James Hunt’s direction and business model to me seems to me to be outright criminal, fraudulent and completely inappropriate. This is NOT what I hired him for. When I explained that I was unwilling to commit these acts of fraud I requested my money back and showed him that his documents directing me to commit fraud had been unsent, he did not return my $500 fee and tried to get me to send him the evidence back to him (his documents) with his re-assurance that he would send the fee back upon my return of the evidence. Please be very careful with this person, he clearly is behaving in a manner that likely will get him into some form of trouble and I would not want to be identified as one of his clients when and if that trouble appears. I would not want my name associated with him nor these practices for fear of some future problem or investigation by being associated with him and his business.



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