James Smith – Titan Stores

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Summer –

Victim Location 41005

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a request to purchase some of my product *** *** *** *** to be shipped to Titan Stores in Germany from a James Smith. He provided the name of the company that would handle the shipping. I gave them a quote that included the cost of my product plus the cost they gave me for shipping. After collecting the money, I was to pay their shipper plus keep the cost for the product. I was given card numbers to charge to. The card numbers were not valid. I canceled the order and informed James Smith that I had a problem with his cards. He responded that the problem was with his bank. I believe this to be a scam. All activity has stopped. There was no loss of money on my part other than time.

I was to pay this shipping company: MR Lee, Sole Proprietor, JAC LOGISTIC, 72 Srayfor high street, da4 1ld, London, UK office: + 447572257691



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