James Sharpe 1961

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Eduardo –

Victim Location 73072

Type of a scam Phishing

He sent How are you!

I think that this letter is totally sudden for you!

I have bad news!

Previous time when you visited pornography Internet resource, you palmtop computer was infected with badware.

This program forced selfie camera of yours palmtop computer.And in this manner I have damaging information against you. On that videoclip you jack off.

Pretty soon thisbadware would get permission to yours contact numbers. And it shall deliver videorecord to your acquaintance.

In a case, if you want to drop it? Then you must give me 398 $ in BTC crypto-currency.

It is my Bitcoin number – 1PzDzpPtLWj65FxfBPxqygXfpihwdt74Mb

Don’t waste time! I give you only 25 hours!I am so sorry for grammar- I am not native speaker.

I have plundered hobbled it this mail address.

This is not my address! D0 n0t answer to this letter.



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